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About Us

DIQA Company

It is an Interior Design Company that was established in 2021 in Kuwait with the aim of providing high-quality professional services in the interior design of chalets as well as specialists in architecture. We deal with construction and sometimes we work in supervisory services. 

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About us 02.jpg

Where each leads to the other

So our motto is

Mastery . Uniqueness .Beauty 

Why DIQA ?

Because we combine skill and experience that make us produce high-quality services for our customers. Also, we work on creative designs that reflect the needs of the client, while we pay attention to the smallest details and add a touch of luxury to our work.


Because we produce our interior design work with high quality, in which every step is important and crucial. Also, every step must be thought in advance to avoid mistakes in the future, which will be clear enough in the last design stages. For this reason, we must control the quality of work required during all stages. 


Because we care about the smallest details in the design, as it is not limited to furniture arrangement or the lighting element only. Attention must be given to all the details of the interior space, using the correct elements & colors & placing them in the right place to obtain better results. 


When focusing on the smallest details and working with high quality, will give the design an integrated aesthetic image that attracts the customer's attention. 

Our Vision

To be the preferable solution provider for all clients' interior design and construction needs. Also, by provides a simple design and excellent implementation that suits all types of projects. 

Our Mission

DIQA is a design and builds service, as well as a lifestyle, where we aim to give style seekers a hub for luxury design, modern trends, and modern discoveries! 

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