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Furnishing and accessory consultation

What do you benefit from counseling?

First: You will take advice from specialized engineers who have full experience and knowledge of everything related to interior and engineering design 

This service is considered one of the basic and important services in the design of interior spaces, so that the elements of interior design are not complete without it. A change in the design appears in some way:

  • Work suggestion moodboard 

  • Determine the basic elements of furniture in terms of color and pattern


  • Choose the appropriate decorations in terms of color and shape


  • Assisting in distributing furniture pieces in terms of the appropriate place for them 

  •  interior design consulting 

  • Help in choosing the appropriate decor, shape and colors 


  • Assistance in distributing furniture pieces in terms of suitable places for them


  • Choose furniture and fabrics in terms of colors and patterns


  • The duration of the visit is only one hour

  • see schematic 

  • Add suggestions for the scheme 


  • Developing the necessary design for real estate, companies, and others


  • Examining problems, avoiding their occurrence, and finding appropriate solutions


  • design analysis and construction details 

  • The planned visit duration is only one hour

Consultation Fee : 150 K.D

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